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16 Sep 2020
Harold Harkin on Walk near Buckna.
Harold Harkin on Walk near Buckna.

Looking for PenPals

Hi Everybody my name is Harold Harkin age 50 and am divorced have an son age 18 lives with his Mum in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I love to write small stories and email to friends now am looking PenPals that I can write to about life and religion and about the world if you want be one of my PenPals please send me an email by clicking the Link below, Please tell me your name and I send you a email telling about the topics I told you about.

Have Created my first video Blog see below. 

Thanks for visiting my PenPals Blog.

Email me here

16 Sep 2020

1st Post on Wednesday 16th September 2020

Here I tell you my life story starting from age 4.

At age 4 I lived in Cullybackey and I started primary school at Buick Memorial Primary School in Cullybackey. The first Day my dad dropped me off and I started crying my dad had to come get me. But after that started feel at ease so was tough start.

Other things I Remember is me and my brother walking from our home on station Rd into Cullybackey about 3/4 Mile walk.

I enjoyed it and also my brothers getting into trouble, we had neighbours and they were after my brothers for some reason I did not know why but remember running from them and running home and close door and go upstairs my brother throwing buckets of water out the window at neighbour.

Ok finish for today till tomorrow.

16 Sep 2020