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29 Jan 2022
Chess Blog
Chess Blog

Dream Star Chess Blog

Here I Post Videos and images of my chess games.

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Social Chess


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Social Chess Username Riverbraid

Below is an Video Playlist of My Chess Games of 3 Videos The First Video is Chess intro then 2 of my chess games at min till add more. 

When first video is finished please wait for 2 video to start and then 3rd and so on.

I list my Wins and Loses Here

Social Chess: Won 55 Lost 4 so far since 6th October 2011♟️ ♙ ♕ 

Chess.com: Won 0 Lost 1 so far since Saturday 29th January 2022 ♟️ ♙ ♕ 

30 Jan 2022
11 Feb 2022
My Handcrafted Chess Table
My Handcrafted Chess Table

My Chess Tables and Sets

Here is handcrafted Chess Table I bought with Chess Set.

Can be bought here by Clicking Link Below.

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Harold Harkin