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8 Jan 2021
Kenya People
Kenya People

Kenya Mission

Hi welcome to Kenya Mission Blog, am trying to help my friend Pastor George Joseph Oyaro from Kenya who is an pastor trying to help his family and friends to come to Jesus Christ and also help the Kenya people as well as Kenya is not an rich country do not have many of the water facilities we take for granted and food and wooden sheds for homes and buildings.

Hope you like the photos taken by Pastor George.

hope add more in future.

8 Jan 2021
8 Jan 2021

More Kenya Photos

To View More Photos of Kenya People and Landscape please

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12 Jan 2021
Swahili Bibles
Swahili Bibles

Donate Swahili Bibles to Kenya People

Kenya People need your help to bring people to be saved to help them please donate Swahili Bibles to Pastor George on his mission to save as many Kenya People as possible.

click this link to buy Swahili Bibles and send to Pastor George

have provided PO Box to send to.

Click Here

Please send here

George Joseph Oyaro

P.O Box 3275, 




and George Mobile number is Mobile: +254721588919

12 Jan 2021

Donate Appeal

Donate To Kenya Mission by PayPal 

You can also set up an Subscription to pay Monthly even if small amount it help our mission.

Clicking here

8 Jan 2021

Contact Pastor George 

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