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20 Oct 2020

New Upates

Have updated my about me page have made an video of my sporting life.

also wrote text about my sporting Life.

can be viewed by click link below.

click here

4 Oct 2020

Sunday 4th October 2020 Updates

Have updated my Religion Blog.

Have added an new video for hymns and also link to buy religion book am reading at present and also link to Whitewell Church Service and link to UCB Christian Radio.

click Link below to see the changes.

Religion Blog

Have Updated Links Page and made an new blog for Story Telling Blog

click links below to view.


Story Telling Blog

16 Sep 2020

Contact us

Please check out our contact page have added many ways to contact me, please do not be scared I not bite our click link below.

contact us

13 Sep 2020

New Links Page

Have made an new page for my links to my websites and links to the Facebook Pages and Groups.
4 Sep 2020

Updated Blog Shops and Books.

Been working hard on create shops pages for local products and other products of interest and local books of interest feel free to check them out and also ordering products from amazon UK and eBay.

Feel free check out religion Blog with daily Devotions.

Feel free to tell your friends and share Harold Harkin Blogs link.

16 Aug 2020

Harold Harkin Blog

Harold Harkin Blog about my life and my travels.
7 Aug 2020

Trip to Whitby

Got up at 5am and set off at 5.30am. Was 2 hour drive to Whitby. Not much traffic on roads. Got there around 8am and the shop owners just setting up for busy day. Walked along peer see photo below.

Then walk around streets and up the 192 steps to abbey on hill.

Then took photos of the harbour and other photos of town